The Wild Bunch

On April 12, 2021, the Lancaster Animal Shelter called to say they had a very sick mom cat who could no longer care for her litter of four kittens. They said the kittens were 2-3 weeks old, but they were actually much closer to 10 days, which is a big difference at that age.  But regardless of how young and tiny they were, they were all feisty and hissy the first few days, which is why we named the litter (three girls and a boy) the Wild Bunch. Emma, Angel, Elsa, and Dutch are all characters from the Wild Bunch movie. Emma is the gray and brown tabby. She required tube feeding for about three days because she couldn’t figure out how to latch onto a bottle or syringe. Angel and Elsa are the two big white sisters. Angel has two small stripes on her forehead, and Elsa has the larger dark spot on the back of her head. Dutch is the small white male. Although his personality is much bigger than his body, he was significantly smaller than his sisters. 
All were initially adopted; however, Dutch and Elsa tested positive for FeLV. Elsa was weak positive, but Dutch’s results showed a stronger positive. The mom cat and the two other siblings tested negative. We suspect the dad cat was positive and passed along the FeLV, which the mom could effectively fight off. Angel and Emma may have fought it off as well or were never positive to begin with.
Both Dutch and Elsa will be retested in early July. Regardless of the results, both kittens should live normal lives.