The Survivor Allstars (Orphan Ferals) Adopted Together in Pairs!

Two boys and two girls – Boston, Ozzy, Cirie, and Amber. They were dropped off at the Lancaster Animal Shelter on August 21, 2023. A volunteer at the Shelter said they were found alone. They were emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in dirt and grime. You would think at some point you would get used to the smell, but you don’t. First thing for all of them was glucose and subcutaneous fluids. Second thing was a bath.

They were exhausted by that time, but I got a little formula in all of them. They were about three weeks old, so it took several feedings for them to adjust to a bottle. We will call their birthday August 4, 2023.

Since they are all survivors, we went with a Survivor Allstar theme and fan favorite names.