The Snack Pack: Brie and Colby (Orphan Ferals – Adopted)

The Lancaster Animal Shelter called October 9, 2020, with three surrendered bottle feeders the person said they “found in the yard” because they “don’t have a cat.” Anyhow, that’s how I got these cuties. I was told they were three weeks old, and although they had tiny teeth, judging by their weight and ear shape, they looked much closer to two weeks.

I got them home and tried to bottle-feed them. Colby took the bottle immediately, but Brie and Pepper Jack (PJ) were a little confused and resistant. Nevertheless, all of them gained weight over the first few hours, so I think that part of the intake was successful.  After they slept for about an hour, I gave them a bath and checked for fleas – none. A good sign.

During the bath, they all screamed like I was trying to drown them, which is an encouraging sign that they have strength and fight. Either that or they have some early feral behaviors going on, but I think we caught that in plenty of time.

A sad update: On October 18, we lost PJ. It began with a slight sniffle, which led to vomiting and diarrhea. Apparently, he aspirated and did not have the reserves to recover. And now, sadly, PJ has been added to our Rainbow Bridge stories. Great news, though, is that Colby and Brie have been adopted together, and will spend their lives in each other’s happily ever after story.