The Retainers (Orphan Ferals – Adopted)

The Retainers, two girls and one boy, were found in some bushes next to an orthodontic office. They were about 10 days old when I got them on August 23, 2022, which makes their birthday on August 13. We have named them Bucky, Maxi, and Mandi – somewhat related to orthodontics. Mandi and Maxi were adopted together. Bucky was adopted as a companion for another family feline.

Bucky (now Thomas) update: Not long after Bucky was adopted and shortly before he was supposed to leave with his family, Bucky  caught what we call SAR (Somethin’ Ain’t Right). Bucky got really lethargic, and his cheeks and chin swelled up to where he could barely open his mouth. Worse still, his skin (fur and all) began blistering and peeling away from his face to the middle of his chest. What you never want to hear is a vet say, “Hmm, I have never seen this before.” It took over two months for Bucky to recover and several weeks longer before his skin and fur grew back. Since neither of his siblings caught it, the only thing we can guess is it was a spider bite. But that’s just a guess.