The Panhandlers – Carrot, Mango, and Truffle (Orphans – Adopted)

The Panhandle Litter arrived at two days old from Paws in the Panhandle. The kittens’ outdoor mother had been killed by a car. Being that young, with eyes closed and umbilical cords still attached, survival is always in doubt. In fact, I only took the two orange tabbies, Carrot and Mango, because Truffle appeared to be in the final moments of her life.

A few hours after I got back from Paws with Carrot and Mango, I got a call saying that Truffle was doing better, and they asked if they could drop her by the house. Truffle was considerably smaller than her two brothers, but she did indeed seem to be doing better. Three weeks later (Sep 20, 2020), and Truffle was still small, but along with her brothers, she was thriving.  In fact, she opened her eyes first and is much more coordinated than her chunky brothers.

There were the usual trials and tribulations with young orphans, like respiratory infections and reactions to deworming, but they all made it to that critical three-week mark. Truffle and Mango were adopted together, and Carrot was adopted into a home with an older cat. All are living Happily Ever After stories.