Hawke & Cooper – The Lunch Bucket Kitten and the Parking Lot Kitten (Orphan Ferals) Accepting Adoption Applications

On May 25, 2023, Hawke was found alone in a heavy machinery bucket – with a hawk circling overhead! The rescuer was pretty confident the hawk intended to have the kitten for lunch. Hawke appears to be about five days old, so we will call her birthday May 20. She seems to be very healthy and clean, so her feral mom was doing a good job. More to follow on this baby’s journey.

Update May 27, 2023: Today Hawke got an incubator companion. Cooper was found alone in a grocery store parking lot. Another local rescuer had Cooper with a nursing mom cat and some older kittens. Cooper could not compete, so the rescuer called me. We were happy to have a friend for Hawke. Cooper is about 10 days old, so we will call his birthday May 15, 2023. [We came up with Cooper as in Cooper Hawk to follow the raptor theme, but a follower also suggested Cooper could be like a mini-Cooper since he was found in a parking lot. Anyhow, Cooper it is.]