The Legends – Link and Zelda (Orphan Siblings) Adopted Together

Primarily all we bring in are orphan kittens. Too often those kittens are so physically compromised and fragile that all we can do is clean them up, offer them nourishment and hydration, and then comfort them (and ourselves) until they pass.

Zelda and Link came to us on August 10, 2023. We had very little hope they would survive. Two of their siblings had already passed. Both kittens were emaciated and within hours of passing away. I gave them glucose, subcutaneous fluids, and wiped them as clean as I could. They were both too weak to survive a bath, so I put them in an incubator and just kept checking for signs of life. Their breathing was labored, but they stayed with us that first night. By the next day, their breathing had become more regular, and they started getting fussy, which was a good sign. They wanted to live.

We are still monitoring them closely for any signs of SAR (Something Ain’t Right), but they seem to have turned the corner. They have a long road ahead, but should they survive through to adoption, they will indeed be Legends.

We are guessing they were born somewhere close to August 1, so if all goes well, they will be ready to leave for their forever home at the end of September. Link and Zelda were adopted together!

Photo by Aubrey and Macey Davis (our nieces)