The Jazz Club (Feral Mother + Four Kittens) All Adopted

Jazz* and her four kittens arrived on May 29, 2023. It looks like we have three boys and one girl. We are going with Louis, Miles, Duke and Billie.

Jazz and her kittens were in a storage shed behind the Tractor Supply Store in Rock Hill. They actually used a trap they sell at the store to catch her. Yes, we brought her in to rescue her and the kittens, but also because we had newborns Hawke and Cooper who were doing well bottle feeding, but young kittens always do better with a nursing mom.

We took Jazz to our partner vet, Sun City Animal Hospital, immediately. She is a little older than what we normally see in a mom with kittens – about 3-4 years. Unsupported ferals don’t usually survive this long, but somehow she has made it. She is FIV/FeLV negative, but is missing an upper canine and has some damage to one eye – life is tough on the street. But that life is behind her, and for all that, she is calm and sweet. We look forward to placing her and her kittens with their happily ever after families.

*This Jazz is a roughed up, street tough panther much like our first Jazz (, so we are naming her in honor of him, another brave warrior.

June 20 Update: Jazz was adopted today!