The Orphanage Litter (Orphan Ferals) Accepting Adoption Applications

Admitted as newborns May 24, 2024. We had no idea what to name this litter. Shelley is a single orphan from the Shelter – ergo Shelley, a name suggested by a FB follower. Shelly was reasonably clean. Her umbilical cord was still attached. The other four were found tucked up in the insulation of a house. Fleas and insulation! They were a miserable mess. All required tube feeding before they took a bottle. We are naming them after fictional orphans. The girls are Annie and Pippi. The boys are Oliver and Dodger.

We will call their birthdays May 18, 2024.

Update May 31, 2024: We are sad to say that Dodger had to be euthanized today. Along with his movements getting worse, he was experiencing difficulty breathing. His lungs were clear, but his muscles were weakening. The vet did not believe we could do anything to help him, so we came to the difficult decision to end his suffering. Dodger was loved while he was with us, and his life had meaning.