The Garden Flowers (Feral Orphans – Adopted)

Panthers Dahlia and Tacca (both names of black flowers) were born at a local Walmart Garden Center. They were about a week old when they came to me on March 23, 2022. They were a little frail, of course, but they are great eaters and loud screamers – both signs of healthy kittens. The kind lady who found them and contacted me struggled over whether to take them from the garden center or wait to see if the mom cat would return. That’s always a difficult decision. Ideally, if we can catch the mom along with the kittens, the kittens get all the benefits of a mom, and then, after the kittens are weaned, the mom gets spayed and adopted. 

We gave Dahlia and Tacca a March 16 birthdate. Both were adopted well before they were old enough to leave foster care.