The Bomb Squad (Ginny’s Kittens) Adopted

Update March 25, 2024: Ginny gave birth to three healthy kittens this morning. We are calling them the Bomb Squad because every time we try to weigh or handle the kittens, Ginny throws swat bombs at us.

Update March 31, 2024: Ginny has calmed down considerably. Although wary about it, she has even allowed us to pet her. And the Bomb Squad continues to gain weight.

Update April 15, 2024: We put the Eclipse litter of five in with Ginny and the Bomb Squad. Ginny is nursing and cleaning all eight kittens. Update April, 1, 2024: We are pretty sure we have one girl, one boy, and one TBD. So, the names reflect the fighting spirit of the Bomb Squads. All the names come from fighter or bomber aircraft. Whitley (F), Havoc (M), and Talon. We are not sure if Talon is male or female, but the name works for either. We are keeping an eye on Havoc. All three kittens had been gaining weight at about 20 grams a day, but Havoc did not gain any weight in the last 24 hours. (Left is Ginny cradling Bomb Squad Whitley.)

Update April 23, 2024: Bomb Squad Whitley is adopted with Eclipse litter Astra and Luna.

Update May 9, 2024: Talon and Havoc are adopted together. They will be spending the lives with a miniature husky!