The BFAMs – Milo and Chance (Orphans and Brothers from Another Mother – Adopted)

Milo came to me from the Lancaster Animal Shelter mid-March 2021 as the only surviving kitten from his litter. He was two days old, which means his eyes were closed and his umbilical cord was still attached. Milo did a great job syringe feeding and never required a feeding tube. Almost two weeks after Milo arrived, late one evening, Chance came to me from a vet office in Rock Hill as the only surviving kitten in his litter. Chance weighed 116 grams at intake, which is an extremely low weight for a kitten supposedly about 10 days old. His eyes were crusty, his nose was plugged, and he was severely dehydrated. We named him Chance because we really weren’t sure he had much of chance to make it, but we hoped to give him that opportunity. Although Chance was extremely fragile, he had very loud cries, which is a good sign. It took about a week of tube feeding and syringe feeding before he transitioned to a bottle, and although Chance is about four days younger than Milo and much smaller, he hit many behavioral milestones, such as eating wet and dry food, before Milo. Milo loved his bottle. The great news is Milo and Chance were adopted together. That is indeed a happily ever after story.