The Avengers (Orphans – Adopted)

Groot, Wanda, Rocket, Thor, and Loki

Mid-April 2021, these kittens were dropped off at the Lancaster Animal Shelter because the mom cat had not been seen for several days. They were about 10 days old when I got them. Eating was a challenge for all of them, but through a combination of bottle, syringe, and tube feeding, they all got through.

Groot and Wanda are ginger and white kittens. Rocket is a gray tabby boy, and Thor and Loki are black and white male tuxies.

Wanda and Rocket were adopted together as were Thor and Loki. Groot, the most independent kitten in the litter, was adopted by herself.

*Bob and I had been binge watching the Avenger series on Disney for a few weeks prior to getting this litter. Great movies and fun names.