The Anagrams: Ashe and Shea (Orphan Ferals – Adopted)

Ashe and Shea were found inside the wall of a house in Lancaster, SC. In fact, the homeowner had to cut through the sheetrock to get them out. They were about 10 days old April 4, 2023, when I got them, so we will call their birthday March 25, 2023. The feral mom carried one sibling, but did not return for these two. Ashe adjusted to syringe feeding immediately. Shea, who was much smaller and more frail, required tube feeding for the first week. After making sure they were healthy, we put them in with Ava and the Palindrome Litter. Ava immediately adopted them as her own, and first off, it was full baths for both of them whether they liked it or not.

30 April update: Shea has been adopted with Palindrome Iggi.

2 May update: Ashe has also been adopted was adopted with Rascal.