Tennessee (Feral) Adopted

We caught Tennessee in a drop trap on May 8, 2022. We noticed him for the first time on the back patio a few days before. He must have been hungry because ate everything we had out there and totally disregarded the drop trap until it was too late. Tennessee was neutered and vaccinated on May 9. He does not have a chip, and the vet says he appears to be about a year old. He is letting us touch him and even brush him. He is making very good choices.

Update May 13, 2022: Tennessee escaped last night by pushing out a window screen. He had been exploring the house, but we forgot that we had a bedroom window open. Even though the blinds were down and the curtain was closed, Tennessee got behind them and pushed out the screen. Two years ago, Rocky I did the same thing, and it took us two months to catch him again. We have traps out at night and are hoping Tennessee circles back around for food.

Update May 17, 2022: Tennessee walked into the Fat Cat trap last night at midnight. Good to have him back. He was very hungry, but is doing well. No more open windows!!

Update May 28, 2022: Tennessee was adopted today by Kiki’s family! They have a heart for at-risk cats. Kiki needed a friend, and Tennessee gets a family who will walk with him on the rest of his journey.  Good luck, buddy.  It was a joy to play a small role in your story.