Taylor (Orphan Feral) Adopted

Taylor is a gorgeous white kitten who came to me the day after we took in Martin. And, yes, Taylor is another well-known and popular guitar brand – and, yes, my husband who helps out a lot with the fostering also named this kitten. I pick my battles.

We don’t know much about Taylor’s story other than she was a single orphan dropped off at the Lancaster Animal Shelter on September 11, 2023. But she also was healthy and sturdy. Although she weighed only 90 grams at intake, and was probably 2-3 days old, she immediately took a bottle, making my job much easier. I certainly appreciate newborns who are enthusiastic bottle feeders. To keep it simple, we’ll call Taylor’s birthday September 8 as well.

October 8 update: Taylor has been adopted as a companion for Sonny (now Azlaan) in Maine.

November 8 update: Lisa and Angelena Dunham flew down from Maine to get Taylor.