Tai – The Mailbox Kitten (Orphan Feral – Adopted)

Tai and a sibling were dropped off at the Lancaster Animal Shelter on April 17, 2023. They were found in a mailbox in Lancaster, SC. They were about seven days old, so we will call their birthday April 10th. They are both in an incubator and have a long journey ahead of them to wellness.

18 April update: Unfortunately, the sibling did not survive, but he does deserve a name. We will call him Malone after NBA star Karl Malone “The Mailman.” Malone fought hard and was loved. As with all the kittens in our care that cross the Rainbow Bridge, Malone’s life had meaning.

19 April update: Tai, who looks very Siamese, is named after our first cat. Today we put her in with Ava, the mother of the Palindromes and foster mom to the Anagrams – all are two weeks older than Tai. Ava immediately bathed Tai top to bottom and then nursed Tai until she fell asleep.

30 April update: Tai was adopted to be the companion for a year-old cat.