Sunny and the Kiplings (Abandoned) Accepting Adoption Applications

Sunny is 6-12 months old and a rare female orange tabby. Almost all orange tabbies are male. She had been dumped on a farm property in Great Falls, SC, a few weeks ago and was taken to the Lancaster Animal Shelter on March 13, 2024. She came to CFF on March 15. She is as sweet and calm as she is beautiful. We are looking forward to updating her post when we see how many kittens are in that big belly!

Update March 23, 2024: The reason the kitten litter is called the Kiplings is because Kip, the big gray tabby pictured left, has not left Sunny’s side since she arrived at the foster house. Kip is from the Lumberyard Litter. He is a notorious biter. He routinely chews door frames and through plugged in electrical cords. However, whenever his adopter fosters kittens for our rescue, “Kipzilla” transforms into “Uncle Kip.” We have no idea how or why, but he becomes a hovering sheepdog around kittens. He is doing the same with Sunny. We look forward to the updates as Sunny has her kittens.

Update March 24, 2024: Sunny gave birth to five kittens today. All appear to be healthy, and Sunny is doing a great job as a mom. In honor of Kip’s care and devotion, we named the kittens after characters from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book – Mowgli, Kaa, Baloo, Shanti, Rama.

Update April 11, 2024: Sunny has been adopted with one of her kittens. The kittens will be old enough to be separated from Sunny and leave with their adopters by mid to late May.