Smokey & Bandit (Orphan Ferals – Adopted)

On August 21, 2022, Smokey and Bandit (sister and brother, about seven weeks old) were found abandoned near a local gymnasium. Unfortunately, there was a third sibling that escaped from the rescuers and could not be found. We have had many abandoned kittens come through our rescue over the years, but Smokey and Bandit may actually be the grimiest kittens we have had to clean up. It took two baths for both, but, fortunately, they scrubbed up well and have responded very well to good food and medical treatment. It was actually kind of cute how hissy they were at first and then how quickly they accepted care and affection. They were both snugglers, so we were sure to have the remote before we sat down to watch TV.

Smokey and Bandit had been through a lot together in their short little lives, and were adopted as a pair. We look forward to following their journey on our Facebook page.