Scorch (Feral Warrior Mom to Cinder and Spark) Adopted

Scorch is an adult supported feral. The only reason we took her in was to care for Cinder and Spark, which we were not sure she would do. She turned out to be a wonderful mom. We also gave her a bonus kitten, Wonder, a single orphan. Scorch came a long way in a few days. We were able to touch her, and she came out of the crate to greet us. With a little more time, space, and grace, she transitioned well from a supported feral to an indoors-only family member.

Update November 1, 2023: Scorch was adopted as a companion for Jazz (now Shadow).

Update: November 15, 2023: Scorch has a name change – now CC “Carbon Copy” (L). She looks just like Jazz – now Shadow (R).