Sadie and Dusty (Chloe’s and Stella’s Surviving Kittens – Adopted)

Sadie and Dusty are the two surviving kittens from the ten kittens Chloe and Stella had. Chloe and Stella were abandoned at our partner vet’s office the morning they both gave birth. Both moms were in poor health, and ultimately, neither mom was able to produce milk for the kittens. (Please read Chloe and Stella’s post).

Sadie and Dusty, at one day old, would nurse on both moms, but were getting neither calories nor nutrition. And since neither kitten would take a bottle, they had to be tube fed for several days.

Once they accepted a bottle, they were on their way to growing into healthy, happy kittens.

Both Sadie and Dusty were adopted into loving families and are living the “happily ever after” every cat deserves!