Rocket (Abandoned Orphan) Adopted with Baby Groot

Rocket is a beautiful black and gray tabby. He came to us the same day we got Baby Groot (July 24, 2023). We are figuring his birthday to be July 4, 2023.

God blessed the broken road that brought Rocket to our rescue. He was found alone by a kind man who fed him cow milk – yep, lots of kitten diarrhea. When the kind man realized he had no idea what he was doing, he handed Rocket off to a kind friend who worked in a research lab. When she figured out it was a bad idea to bring a kitten to work at a research lab, she called Cheryl. And the next morning, Rocket woke up in the foster room with Baby Groot and the Calvin and Hobbes brothers.

Baby Groot and Rocket were adopted together – they seem to be a natural pairing.

Groot and Rocket fell asleep in the middle of a fight.

Update April 22, 2024: We are sad to announce that Rocket was humanely euthanized today. He developed some form of toxicity, resulting in severe anemia. His condition was unrecoverable. He was loved by us and by his adopters, especially so by his companion, Groot. His life had meaning, and it was our privilege to be a chapter in his story.