Rascal (Orphan Feral) Adopted

Rascal came to me on April 25, 2023. She appeared to be about six weeks old, so we’ll call her birthday March 15. She had been crying under a house in Lancaster for a few days, and when they finally got to her, they saw she had string wrapped tightly around her neck and very tightly around one foot. They were able to remove the string from her neck, but our partner vet had to sedate her to cut the string from around her swollen foot. On top of that, she was severely dehydrated, malnourished, and covered with fleas. 

X-rays indicate her foot is not broken, and upon examination, the foot seems to have adequate blood circulation, so we are hoping for and expecting a full recovery. Presently, although Rascal does not put any weight on the foot, she is eating well and using the litter box on her own. After a few days in isolation to be sure she had no transferable illnesses and that she could manage the activity level, we put her in the mix with other fosters about her age. She relished the company! 

Note: My husband wanted to name her Stringer Belle. I don’t get the reference or the joke, so it’s Rascal.

Update May 2, 2023: Rascal is healing well and was adopted with Anagram Ashe today. They will be old enough and we hope well enough to leave for their new home near the end of May.

Update May 31, 2023: Rascal is completely healed and went home today to her happily ever after life with Anagram Litter Ashe.

Update July 7, 2023: Rascal is a boy!!!!

Update November 10, 2023: It is with deep sorrow we announce that Rascal passed away today. He was having trouble breathing, and the vet discovered too late he had nasal polyps. Rascal was deeply loved, and his life had meaning.