Primrose “Prim” (Feral) Adopted

Prim had been seen off and on in our community for a few days. She was living in the woods behind some houses but would run deeper into the woods as soon as anyone got close to her. May 31, 2024, we got a call to say she was spotted close to a house. We loaded a trap, a carry kennel, and some food. Sure enough, she was at the edge of the woods. We walked up to her slowly with a plate of wet food. It took about 15 minutes to get her close enough to throw a blanket over her. She wasn’t happy and told us so, but we have dealt with much worse. She appears to be about 10 weeks old. We are calling her Prim, short for the wildflower Primrose. She is indeed a beautiful little wildflower. Let’s call her birthday March 22, 2024.

Update June 1, 2024: Prim was adopted today to be the companion for a young cat.