Ötto (Feral Orphan – Adopted)

Ötto came to me from Lancaster, SC, on February 14, 2022. He was with a feral mom who had four kittens near an auto parts supply store, but mom got spooked by something and took three kittens with her, leaving Ötto behind. The manager of the store kept an eye out for mom all day, but when she didn’t return, they called me about 9:15PM. Ötto was 6-7 days old when I got him on Valentine’s Day. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, Ötto. Everyone loves you.

Post Script: Upon further review, on March 5, 2022, it became apparent that Ötto is actually female. Since 85% of orange tabbies are male, we went with the odds. Ötto was adopted with Indian Trail Molly.

Update January 4, 2023: We are sad to announce that Ötto was diagnosed with an unrecoverable autoimmune disorder and was euthanized. She was dearly loved, and her life had meaning and dignity.