Oakley (Orphan Feral – Adopted)

Oakley came to me on July 7, 2022, at about four weeks old. We are calling his birthday June 12. Oakley’s story is that he was found in a hole in an Oak tree about nine feet off the ground. The homeowner heard him crying, and had to get a ladder to get to him. In fact, the homeowner had to make the hole bigger to get Oakley out. And, yes, Oakley seemed like an appropriate name. How did Oakley get in the hole in the tree? Two theories from my FB followers are that he climbed up there after being frightened by fireworks, or, an awful thought, a raptor (owl or hawk) put him there to eat him later. Anyhow, he is now dry and safe.

After a thorough (and noisy) bath, Oakley spent a couple of days in isolation before we moved him in with two other kittens. He is playful and, be warned, vocal. He does not like to be alone, and let us know it.