Mason “Formerly Maisie” (Orphan Feral) Accepting Adoption Applications

Mason (formerly Maisie) came to our rescue on June 2, 2024. He had the worst flea infestation we have ever seen, which says a lot because we have seen some sad cases. He appeared to be about three weeks old, but was so malnourished and dehydrated, it was hard to tell. We will call his birthday May 12, 2024 (Mother’s Day this year). We immediately gave him sub q fluids, glucose, dewormer, eye drops, and a bath.

Update June 3, 2024: Mason (formerly Maisie) is named after the cat character in The Brave Little Toaster. This brave little kitten survived the night. He ate food from a plate and a slurry mix from a syringe. We also gave him another round of sub q fluids. He gained 75 grams overnight. That could just be fluids, but we’ll take it.

Update June 11, 2024: Upon further review of the maturing kitten bits, we have determined that our lovely little Maisie is actually our handsome little Mason. Mason has gained over 200 grams in seven days. Definitely on the mend.

Update June 14, 2024: Mason has serious eye issues, which may cause him to lose vision in both eyes.

Update June 20, 2024: Mason had eye surgery today. The major concern was surviving the anesthesia since he is still so small. He will recover for the next week at CARE and will need to wear a cone for 30 days! Good luck to him and to us.