Isabelle – Feral/Stray (Adopted)

We were trying to catch a large dog (see Shadow) in the community that looks like a Lab/German Shepherd mix, but the boy was trap smart. In the meantime, we caught Isabelle in the trap on December 30, 2023. The vet said Isabelle was 12-18 months old. Given what we know about kitten births in our area, she was probably born mid-summer 2022, so we called her birthday July 4, 2022. Although she was very small – 5 1/2 pounds – she was otherwise healthy and adjusted quickly.

Within a few days, Isabelle was cautiously exploring the house. She showed no aggression toward us or toward our two adult males. Although she was quite vocal and wanted affection, she would disappear for hours at a time during the day for quiet solitude. Her day/night hours were certainly on nocturnal feral time. She behaved well at the vet and was spayed within a week. We posted locally and checked for a chip just to be sure she was not a stray; however, being as old as she was and not spayed, and being as reasonably amenable as she was toward us, we figured she had to be a supported feral.

Update January 11, 2024: Isabelle was adopted. We transported her to her new home on Pawleys Island on January 13.

[The featured image is Isabelle exploring our bathroom.]

Isabelle’s first experience with toys!