Hobie and Osa (Unrelated Orphans – Adopted)

Hobie and Osa arrived as single orphans about a week apart.

We got Hobie from the Shelter on May 4 as a single orphan with a bobbed tail.  Although he appeared to be about two days old, he was a loud cryer and great eater. At first, we weren’t sure if we had a baby bobcat on our hands, but several followers who have worked with orphan bobcats were confident that Hobie is just a beautifully marked kitten with a bobbed tail.

Osa, our she-bear, was abandoned by her feral mother and is the only survivor from her litter.  We got her and two littermates from a couple in the Lake Wylie area on May 12. She was extremely frail and about five days old. One littermate survived a few hours and the other passed away the next morning.

Although Hobie was much larger and more assertive, tiny Osa loved to engage in roughhouse playing, and it wasn’t long before they were cuddling each other to sleep after long play sessions.

The great news is that Hobie and Osa were adopted together.