Flower (Orphan – Adopted)

Flower came to us as an orphan single. His eyes were open, and he was perhaps 10 days old. We weren’t sure of his gender immediately, but named him Flower because he looked like the skunk in the Bambi movie. He was all rough and tumble, and made friends with Will Feral and Oshie quickly, even sharing a window with them when they lounged in the sun.

Flower went through the whole ringworm issue we had with all of Kiki’s kittens. Oshie and Will Feral went through all of that at the same time. It was a mess. We have changed the intake process considerably since then – everyone gets a chlorohexidine bath first off now, which, hopefully, takes care of fleas and any fungi they may be harboring.

Flower (now Jake) was adopted in our community by a couple with two cats. We get to visit with him often, and his photo with our Will Feral is where we got the idea for the Cheryl’s Ferals and Fosters logo!