Domino (Supported Feral) Adopted

Domino and her two kittens (Mini and Smudge) came to me from the Lancaster Animal Shelter on September 15, 2023. The kittens were born that morning in the Shelter. Domino was friendly but had an edge. We’re guessing she was a supported feral and has had some positive human contact somewhere in her life. She was okay with human affection, but wasn’t quite sure how to love back without being a little growly and swatty when she didn’t get what she wanted. Kind of like Jazz, Hunter, and Lobo. We have seen it before. Everything is fine until you turn to walk away. No blood drawn, but that growl comes from somewhere deep in her soul, but it passed. Mini looks just like Domino. By comparison, Smudge looks like a smudge.

Update October 21, 2023: Domino was adopted by the same couple that adopted Kiki and Tennessee. They have a special heart for older ferals!

Mini and Smudge