Dobby (Orphan Feral) Adopted

Dobby came to us on June 3, 2023, from a rescue in Lancaster, SC. When they accepted him, he was in such bad shape, they realized they didn’t have the resources to help him and reached out to me. They were right. He was in rough shape – emaciated, dehydrated, and so covered with fleas he was severely anemic from the bites.

On intake, the first thing we did was give him subcutaneous fluids and a bath. Then straight to the vet. The vet looked at him and asked, “How long have you had him?” I said, “Literally – 30 minutes.”

Over the first three days, after numerous rounds of probiotics, antibiotics, flea meds, vitamins, and more SubQ fluids, he was still shocky, but started to come around. He put on 100 grams of body weight in the first 48 hours – a lot of that from fluids, of course, but also from good nutrition. He is currently in medical isolation (behind a plastic barrier) but continues to make great progress and is eager to join the kitten fosters on the other side of the barrier after his isolation period.

Dobby is about six weeks old. He has a beautiful black and brown pattern with light brown tips. He is what’s referred to as a “Black Tabby.”

Dobby is getting healthy fast, and likes to be touched, so I don’t think he will be with us for long before he is adopted.

And the name Dobby – During Dobby’s bath, my husband looked at his huge eyes, thin face, and flopped over ears, and said, “That’s Dobby.” Now that Dobby is filling out, his eyes and ears are looking proportional to his body, but our CFF support base loves the name. Adopters, however, are always welcome to change the name.