Cinder and Spark – The Fire Pit Kits (Feral Siblings) Adopted Together

Cinder and Spark were rescued from a burning fire pit in Rock Hill, SC, on October 8, 2023. They are about 10 days old, so we will call their birthday September 30. The fire was burning and a teen in the family heard kittens crying. He pulled the kittens from the fire and looked for more but did not find any. Both kittens had superficial burns and singed fur but no other injuries – and they smelled like smoke! Mom cat is a known feral they caught a few days later. She nursed Cinder, Spark, and single orphan Wonder all the way through to their adoption.

Update November 12, 2023: Cinder and Spark were adopted today. They will be old enough to leave around the first of December.

Cameron and the Fire Pit