Chloe and Stella (Semi-Feral at Best – Adopted)

Chloe and Stella, year-old sisters from the same litter, were abandoned by their “owner” at Southern Paws Animal Hospital. Both had just had kittens, ten total, but only two (Sadie and Dusty) survived. Seven kittens died within the first few days; and Ranger, for some reason, survived almost three weeks, and then catastrophically failed, which was very sad.

The sister moms were semi-feral, certainly neglected, and perhaps abused. They were so emotionally dependent on one another that it was difficult for them to bond with us. The girls talked over every decision they made, which was interesting to watch and to listen to, but it made it almost impossible to break into their lives. We provided food, which they needed, and shelter, which (as ferals) they were somewhat indifferent to having lived outside their entire lives. To a feral, a house can feel a lot like a trap. Although, due to malnourishment, neither sister was lactating, but both did an outstanding job co-parenting the kittens.

Chloe and Stella had been with us for seven months before they were adopted. Finding a home for them together proved difficult, but we’re not sure why. Perhaps it’s because we were holding out for someone to adopt them together, or perhaps it’s because they may never be “lap cats.”  But they deserved their forever home. In the meantime, they did a great job “mothering” many other kittens who came through during their stay, and they made tremendous progress with their socialization before they were adopted by the perfect people in Asheville.

A happily ever after story from Joan and Paul about ten days after the adoption:
Joan and Paul always check on the cats before they go to bed at night and secure their dog in his crate. They found Stella that evening, but could not find Chloe. But they also knew there was no way Chloe got out, so she had to be hiding or sleeping somewhere in the house. When they got up in the morning, there was still no sign of Chloe. Then, when they let the dog out of the crate, Chloe also came dashing out, ran to her food bowl, and then to the litter box. She had spent the night in the crate with the dog!  It has been fun seeing many pictures of both Chloe and Stella, often together, but also sleeping with the dog.