CC and M (Unrelated Orphans) Adopted Together

CC is our 200th CFF intake, which is where she gets her name (Roman numeral for 200), and M marks our 1000th Facebook follower, another Roman numeral. CC, a newborn with her umbilical still attached, was found alone under a porch in Rock Hill, SC. M, also a newborn, was found with two siblings inside of a local Lowe’s store. Unfortunately, M’s two siblings did not survive the first 24 hours. M struggled valiantly and is now healthy and vigorous. Things could have easily gone the other way.

Although CC and M are not related, they spent their first few weeks of life snuggled in the same incubator. As far as they know, they are siblings. We are calling their birthday July 23, 2023, and plan to have them adopted together. They should be old enough to leave for their forever home in mid September.