Cam & Kazi (Orphan Ferals) Adopted Together

These beautiful little panthers were found near a beehive in Rock Hill, SC, and came to me on September 11, 2023. The family kept watch over them for a full day, but when the Mom did not return, they took them in and called me. They appeared to be about 8-9 days old, so we will call their birthday September 3. Both kittens were healthy and clean, so Mom was doing her job before she abandoned them.

We were considering names related to bees or a beehive, but couldn’t come up with anything we liked. And after they had been with me a few days, I remarked, “They never settle down. They just bounce around and throw themselves off of everything. They’re like little kamikazes.” And that’s how they got their names. Over the weeks that followed, that did not change. Both kittens are active and playful with each other but thrive on human contact. They love lap time and belly rubs.

October 8 Update: Cam and Kazi are adopted together.