Buffy (Injured Orphan) Adopted

Buffy, a buff tortoise shell, came to us on June 28, 2024. She looked to be about six weeks old, so we will call her birthday May 17, 2024. Her mother is a feral from the countryside near Rock Hill, SC. The farm owners tried catching the mom and the kittens, but only caught Buffy probably because she could not move her back legs. They took her the vet who recommended she be euthanized. They contacted the local Shelter who also recommended she be put down. The vet, however, took x-rays and determined the problem was not structural but probably viral or bacterial. They treated her for a few days, and she began to respond.

Update July 3, 2024: Buffy continues to improve, and we are continuing her physical therapy. She loves playing, climbing, and jumping with the other kittens, although her jumps always land short – those back legs!

Update July 11, 2024: The orthopedic vet specialist at Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital says Buffy has a compressed spine injury, but her spine is not broken. He believes she will recover.

Update July 16, 2024: Buffy is hanging out with Ginny in the cat tree. Neither seem particularly concerned about Buffy’s situation.

Update July 19, 2024: Buffy was adopted today with Shelley. She still needs a month or so of recovery before she can leave.