Bella and Noche (Unrelated Orphans – Adopted)

Bella and Noche are unrelated orphans dropped off at the Lancaster Animal Shelter in early November 2021. Bella (Spanish for Beautiful) is a classic striped gray Tabby, and Noche (Night in Spanish) is a sleek all-black Panther.

Bella recovered from attack wounds that were treated with some TLC and a course of antibiotics at the Shelter. About six weeks old as of the beginning of November, she was initially quite frightened; however, she adjusted well and made great progress. She loved being held and slept soundly in my husband’s arms her first day at the house. 

Noche (pronounced No’-chay), a couple weeks younger than Bella, loves human contact. She’s all about loving and being loved. One of the Shelter volunteers said Noche would be at the bars of the cage begging to be touched or held. No adjustment was necessary for her.  

Bella and Noche were adopted separately.