Ava and the Palindrome Litter (Adopted)

Ava and her three one-day-old kittens came to me from the Lancaster Animal Shelter on 3/25/23; hence, the Palindromes. She was brought to the Shelter by Animal Control on March 2. And, surprise, the Shelter staff did not know Ava was pregnant until she had the kittens. The vet says Ava is about seven months old. She weighed only five pounds when I got her, and that was after three weeks of shelter food, so she had to be pretty starved. Right now, we are thinking one boy and two girls: Iggi, Izzi, and Pip (our tiny screamer – short for Pipsqueak). More to follow soon.

30 April update: Ava has been adopted with Izzi. Iggi has been adopted with Anagram Shea.