Angel, Skye, and Cloud (Feral Mom but Friendly) Adopted

Angel, approximately two years old, and her kittens Skye and Cloud arrived at our rescue on May 15, 2023. Angel showed up on a residential back patio in late April. She was hungry and pleasant, so they continued to put food out. And then after a few days, the person feeding her noticed she was poking around their grill cover. Yep – two chubby little kittens. And that’s when she called me. 

We will do what we normally do with a healthy, lactating mom. She can care for her kits until they are weaned, then it’s off to the vet for spaying. 

We are happy to say that Cloud has been adopted to be the companion for an older kitten, but since we strongly prefer adopting in pairs, we are hoping Angel and Skye will be adopted together.  I’m figuring Skye will be old enough to go home by late June, which means we will schedule Angel’s spay about the same time. 

Update June 13: Angel and Skye were adopted together.