Allie and the Allie Kits (Adopted)

We took in Allison Katherine (Allie for short), and her five kittens in early December. Allie showed up at a supported feral colony very pregnant and delivered her kittens soon after. The couple supporting the colony saw how friendly Allie is and asked if I could take her and the kits in before the weather turned cold. The vet says Allie was between 2-3 year old. She is extremely friendly, loving, and manageable. We’re guessing from her behavior that she has had a lot of positive human contact, so we were a little confused as to why she had not been spayed. That was corrected as soon as the kittens were weaned. Although Allie tested weak positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), she is asymptomatic. Current research indicates that FIV positive cats can live safely among FIV negative cats. The kittens were about two weeks old when I took the family in on December 9. Four kittens were very healthy, but one was a little wheezy, which resulted in aspiration pneumonia. Sadly, that kitten did not survive. But gladly, Allie was adopted with two of her kittens (Nick and Star), and the other two kittens (Holly and Rudy) were adopted separately.