The adoption process begins with filling out and submitting an Adoption Application for the kitten(s) or cat(s) you would like to adopt.

We hope that you understand that even with a submitted application, it isn’t first come first served. We are trying to match every kitten and cat to the right situation. For example, for a home currently without a cat, we will likely show preference to adopters wanting to adopt two kittens. Two kittens, especially from the same litter, are already bonded, so the adopter doesn’t need to be concerned about compatibility. And if there is no one home during the day because of work or school, two cats will keep each other company. And best of all, they play together, which burns off a lot of energy.

That being said, we have had many single kittens adopted into homes with a cat-friendly dog. The photos and videos of these relationships are often hysterically funny and charming.

Feral and semi-feral cats have completely different needs than kittens, and it takes very special people to adopt and care for them. When a feral comes into our care, we spend countless hours getting it healthy and socialized. We have witnessed on numerous occasions that given grace, space, and time, a former feral can become an amazingly loving and grateful companion. As a feral adopter ourselves, we know exactly how rewarding it feels to have a feral choose to live with us. 

As you are deciding to adopt or after you have adopted and are waiting for your new family member to be old enough to leave, you are welcome to visit. Just give us a call or text to arrange a time. Getting your kitten used to your touch and to your voice will help them bond with you and will make the transition much easier for you and for them. 

And after you have adopted, please stay in touch. Hundreds of people, locally and across the nation, are following the journeys of these kittens and cats on our Facebook page. We all appreciate updates to the happily ever after stories.