Abby and Patch (Orphan Ferals) Adopted with Parker

Admitted May 20, 2024. Birthday May 1, 2024. Although both kittens were dropped off at the Lancaster Animal Shelter at the same time, we are not completely convinced they are siblings. Patch, the male, struggled for several days and is much smaller than Abby. But once Patch decided to get healthy, he took off, if not in size, then definitely in energy. Abby was a hard charger from the moment she got here. Either full speed and into everything or sound asleep. Nothing in between for her.

It was not long before we put both kittens with a slightly older litter. Abby and Patch held their own and gave as much as they took. They are an adorable pair. They may or may not be biological siblings; we will never know for sure, but they are bonded soulmates.

Update June 12, 2024: Abby was adopted today with Parker.

Update June 15, 2024: Patch was adopted today with Abby and Parker!

Update July 6, 2024: A photo from the adopters (Left): Patch and Abby are up to kitten nonsense.